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AG client Pharrell Williams Sobs Tears Of Joy While Watching The World Dance To ‘Happy’ (Video)

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If music be the food of love, #playon www.artistgrowth.com 

Preach it! 

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We couldn’t have said it better @ladygaga @sxsw 

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Anyone? Bueller??


Elites aren’t defined by birth or wealth, they are people with a project, individuals who want to do work they believe in, folks seeking to make an impact.” - Seth Godin; “I’m an Elitist”.  What makes you elite? 

Looking for some bad ass playlists?  We’ve got them!  And they’re full of artists who use Artist Growth! Check it out here. spotify #playon

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Here’s 11 Things You Need To Bring On Tour + Artist Growth! #bandhacks http://bit.ly/1dcCrfe

Ever wonder just how much money you’re going to make this year - but don’t have the time to add up all those gig guarantees? We have you covered.

Visit the new report center to get a one-stop overview of all your finances, including the gigs you haven’t played yet. When you add a gig with a guarantee, it will automatically be included in your future projections, and displayed alongside your revenues and expenses already accounted for. It’s a perfect way to get a glimpse into your future.

After all, we didn’t name the software Artist Growth for nothing.

Haven’t tried Artist Growth yet? Sign up today for a 14 day free trial.

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91% of All Artists Are Completely Undiscovered


If you’re not saying, “Holy shit,” right now, maybe you should be.  This article on Digital Music News could scare the music out of you.  BUT, if it hasn’t, then maybe you’re destined to be a real, fancy pants artist. 

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3 Steps to Help You Build Your Website


By Ariel Hyatt, Cyber PR

Last month I shared with all of you my 10 fail-safe ways in which to increase and engage with your fan base. As a musician it is important to monetize your talent so that you have the ability to keep sharing your talent and reaching the audiences you’d like to.

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10 Fail-Safe Ways to Increase and Engage With Your Fan Base


By Ariel Hyatt, Cyber PR

You love making music. You have the passion, the finesse, and the vitality it takes to be a musician. That’s half the battle. But how do you keep that spirit up? There are many ways but, I don’t think that many could deny that increasing the income they make from their talent wouldn’t hurt. 

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Power Executives & Management Companies Unite Behind Artist Growth