1) Every Song Should Be Your Best Work.

Don’t release a song if you’re not excited to show it to anyone. If you wouldn’t listen to it yourself, wait to release something you would. We had a song we almost released on this upcoming EP and no matter how many times I tried to re-write the chorus, it just wasn’t getting me excited. After talking with my producer, we decided to scratch it and I showed him a song I had written a week prior. It’s now our favorite one on the record. I am so happy we didn’t settle for “good enough” and waited to release one we were really proud of.

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I N D I E L I F E // The struggle is real. Send us your photos: bit.ly/supportindie 

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Work space // All day // Everyday 
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Focal Length

Work space // All day // Everyday 

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For Taylor Swift, the future of music is a love story f

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