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Best Practices + Tips

Getting The Most Out Of Your PRO

Posted by Artist Growth on Oct 15, 2015 11:55:30 AM

BMI, ASCAP, SESAC… If you’re a musician, chances are, you’re a member of one of these Performing Rights Organizations (PRO's). If you’ve been with with your PRO for some time, then you’re already familiar with registering your works, getting paid for the broadcast of your songs, and receiving compensation for your live performances. For most people, this is the extent of their relationships with PROs. However, once you’ve really been gaining some success in digital, performance, or sync licensing, it might be time to get more involved.

Go to their Events

BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC regularly hold conferences, showcases, and writers rounds for their artists. Whether you go to play, or go to watch, this is a great place to meet new people, and get your name and face out there.

Establish a relationship with someone at your PRO.

If you feel uncomfortable reaching out yourself, have a manager or representative introduce you to a contact at your PRO. If you’re not located in a city where your PRO has an office, make a connection via e-mail, and schedule a meeting next time you’re in their city. Meeting a representative face to face makes a more memorable impression and gives you a better contact for future networking.

Be Proactive

Having some “resume-builders” like: bills you’ve played on, high-traction on your Itunes/Spotify, or success in sync-licensing are great things to show to someone at your PRO- but what’s especially important is that you are proactive. Regularly creating content and staying busy are ways to show your PRO that you work for them just as much as they work for you.

Can Artist Growth Help Me With Any Of This?

Yes! AG provides tools to stay organized, keep track of your business activity, and show your PRO that you take your career (and their partnership) seriously. Specifically, The AG platform is directly integrated with BMI, and allows artists to seamlessly submit their setlists after each performance.

**Special thanks to Charles Alexander, Founder/CEO Outside The Box Music, and Co-Founder Streaming Promotions in Nashville, TN, for additional insights.