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Accel: Why it Exists, What it Does, and Why it Matters

Posted by Artist Growth on Nov 10, 2015 1:46:52 PM

For many years now, artists have had to listen to managers, agents, and label A&R executives ask them, “How many friends, followers, and likes do you have?" It's a constant echo that has not gone away since the days of Myspace. Are they all focused on the wrong thing? Not necessarily. It’s the only metric that has been easily accessible on a large scale.

We believe that there are many artists and bands out there that are succeeding at building a fanbase in more than one city, and have real potential to build a thriving business that a manager would want to manage, or that a label would want to help to grow….But these bands might not all be social media gurus. Could it be possible?! Yes.

So, we are bringing a report to the industry that will help hard working artists get information in front of managers, labels, booking agents, and even brand sponsors that showcases: how many shows you played in the last 6 months, how many albums and how much merch you sold at those shows, and how many cities you are touring in. These are questions that can be easily answered when the information is being tracked.

Voila! AG Accel has been missing from the industry. For the thousands of artists that use AG to track their expenses, sales, show dates, guarantees, etc...we now have a program that gets a snapshot of that info to hundreds of labels, managers, and agents at the biggest companies in the industry.

To produce a report, we pull a data snapshot on all opted in users (see an example for a single user below) for their previous 6 months of work, and once a month, the report is delivered to labels at Sony Music Group and Caroline (who distributes over 100 indie labels like: ATO Records, Sugar Hill, Astral Werks, and many others).


thisthesea5.png Sample Report for one (fictional) artist

We think this matters because the industry shouldn’t be evaluating your potential on how well you're doing in a social media popularity experiment. They should be looking at whether or not you are actually trying to connect with fans through performances, and whether or not people are buying what you’re selling. 

To participate, opt in from the artist's Settings inside your premium AG account. 

You can try AG FREE for 14 days, and if you do, please reach out to us, we love to help folks get started.

We want you to be successful. And we know that organization and data are part of that equation in 2016. So, let us be your partner in organizing and helping to build your career.

For more info on Accel (like more details on the data and reports) check out our post on Getting The Most Out Of Accel