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Product Updates: Songkick, Artist Settings, and more

Posted by Artist Growth on Nov 10, 2015 1:29:03 PM

We are excited to announce several product updates from the last few weeks!

New Artist Settings

We've simplified all your artist specific settings into a single “settings” tab located on the right side of the navigation bar, near Setlists, Team, and Profile.

There are 3 sections within the new settings page: Integrations, Programs + Benefits, and Timezone.

  • Integrations is where you manage your Songkick imports (more on that in a second!).

  • Programs + Benefits is where you can currently opt into AG’s Accel Network, and soon (January 2016) manage the information necessary to receive your gas discounts from Pilot + Flying J!

  • Timezone allows you to manage the default time-zone of your artist’s calendar.


Import Events From Songkick

We recognize that entering data in multiple systems and platforms SUCKS!  So if you are already entering your shows into Songkick, you can now automatically import events from them into your AG calendar. BOOM!

To get connected, go to the new artist “Settings” page, then click on the integrations sub-section on the left side of the screen. Then paste your Songkick artist URL into the field and click “connect artist”. Your calendar will create new events filled with basic event information and continue to import new events as you create them in Songkick.  



Improved "Team" Page + Permissions

The improved artist “Team” tab (in the upper right, near Setlists, Settings, and Profile) has been redesigned to streamline team management in AG.

The previous two step process has been streamlined into one step. All team member permissions are still editable from this section. 


Usability + Bug Fixes

We strive to fix bugs and improve usability with every release.  If you find a bug, send us an email by clicking 'Email Support' in the upper left corner inside Artist Growth, and we will track it down and destroy it!  

Thanks for letting us be your partner in growing your career!