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AG Updates

Looking Back At The Summer’s Top Features

Posted by Artist Growth on Sep 29, 2015 9:47:35 AM

The leaves are turning, the temperature is dropping, and we think there’s nothing better than cozying up by a fire and reminiscing about our summer. So whether you’ve been enjoying these features, or you’re new to the platform, here’s our list of product enhancements that we finished up right before the new season:

Customizable Daysheet Print Views

A day sheet can serve a number of different purposes. It might go on the bus, in the venue or be distributed to team members. Now you can get all of the information you need (without the info you don’t need) onto your daysheet. When you generate a PDF, you can select exactly what information you would like to include, making this our most flexible and valuable daysheet functionality to date.


Guest Lists Get Flexible

Paper and pen not gonna cut it? We didn’t think so either. Whether they’re friends & family, or winners of a recent contest, keep track of guests and groups through new categorized tickets and passes. And if the bouncer needs a hard copy, you can easily export lists to PDF or .csv for hassle free printing.


Events, Divide and Conquer

With new tabs for Deal Info and Marketing, keeping track of event specifics has never been easier. Attach files, record all of your engagement notes and marketing notes, document on-sale dates, and ticketing URLs so the little things never slip through the cracks. (And even if they did, we’ll be there to catch ‘em.)


Connect To The Right People

Ready to take the next step in your career? Simply flip a switch to share your most important business metrics with Accel: A curated network of sponsors and industry partners looking to invest in your career. Get in front of organizations like Sony Music or Caroline by opting in through your Artist Profile page! Now is a great time to start using AG to manage your music business… our first round of reports go out December 1st (learn more about Accel Here!)


Are there other improvements would you like to see on AG? Feel free send us an email at Support@artistgrowth.com or comment below with your suggestions. Happy Fall, everybody!