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Ricky Young Of The Wild Feathers Talks BBQ & New Album

Posted by Artist Growth on Mar 11, 2016 12:52:09 PM


Rock N Roll is alive and well and The Wild Feathers sophomore LP "Lonely Is A Lifetime" is proof. Just before hitting the road for what could be the next year, we spent some time with one of the band's lead singer/songwriters: Ricky Young.

I've known Ricky for going on eight years now and you won't find a more earnest writer who deserves every ounce of praise that awaits as this new record drops.


wildfeathers.jpeg The Wild Feathers performing a secret Lightning 100 showcase at East Nashville's The Basement East.

I've watched the band go from an idea to the world recognized rock n roll machine it is today. These guys are the real thing ladies and gentlemen. Three part harmonies, furious lead guitar injections and great storytelling are all on display on this new record. 

Check out the video in this post. Ricky and I talk the importance of BBQ traditions, learning about Miller Lite from our fathers and Conan O'Brian amongst other things.

- Jacob Jones for Artist Growth.

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rickyyoung.jpeg Ricky Young at Nashville's Barista Parlor